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Electrical Systems

The home was designed to bring in a large base load of power supplied by Georgia Power. The design was based on availability of power wherever it is needed. The power supply cable is buried from the street directly into the basement. Another feature is that “if it has a motor, it gets its own circuit.” The entire home is wired with 12-gage wire (superior to typical code requirements). The electrical system consists of two 250-volt panels located in the lower floor in the utility area.

The home also is wired for an input from a 100 amp emergency backup generator (not installed). The wiring from the generator goes from the electrical panels underground to an area near the propane tank. The intent is to have the backup system run from the existing propane tank.

It also has a wiring design that allows for the availability of power in all rooms for an outlet and lighting, in addition to all circuits for the refrigerators, microwave oven and one HVAC system. This advantage allows the home to endure a loss of electric power for a good length of time (based on propane).

FEATURES Systems & Technology

Lutron Lighting Controls

Most of the lighting on the main floor and exterior is controlled by a low-voltage radio frequency lighting control system. The system consists of 5 LUTRON GRAFIK Eye 3000 programmable stations of which each controls 6 light groups. The system provides an energy saving solution by controlling the light in multiple settings with numerous preset scenes. The system can create dramatic environments while drastically reducing energy expenses.

I-BEAM Central Vac System

The entire home is supported with convenient hookup ports to a central vacuum system. The central unit of the system is located in one of the utility rooms on the lower level. Conveniently, attachments for the central vacuum are located on all three floors. The BEAM central vacuum is a high efficiency, lightweight, quiet, powerful, convenient, and provides an easier way to clean the home and create a healthier environment.

Water Systems

The primary water system is supplied by a 225’ deep well located near the shop pad on the upper part of the property. The water is pure, clean, and tasty. Well water testing regularly finds only traces of minerals, no odor or color and a neutral pH. The test results have consistently shown that the water is within regulatory limits for drinking water. The only filtration on the system is for sediment. 

The second system is public water supplied by Chattooga County. This supply is connected to the original system and could be utilized when desired. Valves are installed allowing the switching between systems as needed to control both water supplies.

To support the well water system and protect the integrity of the actual well, a cistern system (~600 gallons) was added in the home separating the supply from the demand of the home. This system is by Well Manager® and constantly monitors the level of the tanks. It is controlled by two timer units, one is a timer that checks tank levels and the second determines how long you draw from the well each time additional water is needed to fill the tanks. The tank system has a monitoring/alarm station in the pantry.

Waste Water

The entire home is on a septic system. The septic tank is off the corner of the home outside the corner of the office and south of the hot tub deck.  The drainage/leach field runs over the edge to the north through the woods in a natural way as to not be detectable.

Natural Gas System

The home is supplied with propane gas by Amerigas. A 500-gallon tank is on the upper portion of the property with buried piping coming underground into the home. The home has been piped internally to the Vulcan stove and gas grill outside the kitchen on the deck. Two additional locations have been run to under the fireplace area and to under the master bedroom. Both locations were meant for local gas space heaters/fireplaces in the future.

Phone / Network / Video Distribution / Satellite TV Systems


The entire home has home-run telephone cable, hard-wired to a central location in the utility room on the lower level. Provided by Windstream, the service cable runs from the street via an underground cable into the home. Each room has at least one location for a hard-wired phone.

DSL Network

Windstream also provides DSL service via the same telephone cable through a high-speed modem (currently located in the office). The home is setup with an Apple Wi-Fi network providing wireless access throughout the home and outside deck areas. The entire home is also wired with Cat 5 network cabling for a home-run wired network to all areas within the home. It is connected to a 24-port switch located in the utility area on the lower level. This system is currently not being utilized due to the availability of the wireless system.

Video Distribution

At CIC the video distribution system is home-run wired with COAX cable to a central video distribution panel located in the utility area on the lower level. All major rooms have at least one video coax cable hookup point. Additional cabling was also run to the top of the chimney shaft outside for satellite TV, digital/analog TV signals back to the same central location.  There is no Cable TV service in the area; however, the DSL system in the home allows for streaming of internet based video programming.

Satellite TV

The cabin currently has a Direct TV satellite hookup. The antenna is on the top of the chimney outside and feeds down to the video distribution center in the main utility room. It is possible to connect to the Projection System for viewing on the large screen in the theater. Based on individual needs cable boxes can be placed in any room as needed.

Sound Systems

The home’s sound systems have the ability to distribute audio via two systems. The first is a Bose Lifestyle system in the main living area on the main floor. This is a surround sound system with CD, radio and with another available sound input.

The second system is a Nuvo Grand Concerto house audio system with up to 8 audio zones with the ability to service the whole house and currently servicing the main floor of the house, decks and hot tub areas.  This system allows for independent control in each zone for content and volume. The entire system is home-run to a single location located on the lower level in a cabinet in a bedroom. Input for content is currently supplied via wireless streaming of Pandora. The system is capable of accepting four independent content sources and each room has its own control panel and speakers. Five zones have been completed (kitchen, master bedroom, master bathroom/closet, hot tub area, back deck area).  The remaining two zones wired are for the upper two bedroom suites and screened porch.  

Security / Smoke / Fire Detection Systems

The entire home is hard-wired and centrally controlled with a HAI Omni Pro II security and smoke/fire detection system. The security system is monitored by an outside entity (Emergency 24) via the hardwired phone system. All detection locations are centrally wired to the master panel.  The central control system is located in the utility area on the lower floor. The design includes distinct multiple zones, including door/window/ motion, and fire/smoke/carbon monoxide detection with control panels in the kitchen, master bedroom and lower level. All the windows and doors on the first two levels have independent detection at each location.  Windows and doors are grouped in logical pairings with clear labeling reflected in the control panels. All rooms have secondary motion detection to provide confirmation of a potential external breach, therefore lowering the incident of false alarms. The monitoring company has been very responsive and initiates actions based on a detailed logic model provided by the owners, thus eliminating unnecessary responses by local police and fire departments.

An additional safety system was hard wired during construction for video monitoring from color cameras strategically located throughout the home and exterior. The entire system is controlled from a central system located on the lower level in the utility area. The entire system can be monitored via the Internet. The home currently has 4 camera zones and the system can handle up to 16 zones.

The driveway has an electric gate system. This system can be controlled by remotes from your car or a keypad (with up to 24 separate programmable codes) at the gate for guest/service workers entry. The gate has an automatic open feature when exiting.

HVAC Systems

The home has two separate HVAC systems, consisting of 5 separate controlled HVAC zones. The first is a high-efficiency geothermal system (comprised of 3-zones) is by Waterfurnace. This system is among the most efficient, energy saving, environmentally conscious heat pumps available. They offer lower operating costs, enhanced comfort, and are quiet, reliable and environmentally friendly. It is a natural heat pump that will give years of reliable, safe home comfort at a low cost.

This system takes advantage of the constant temperature level of the earth. The system consists of a closed-loop water system that is circulated through the system providing a constant base to heat and cool. An additional advantage is prior to the water in the closed-loop returning to the ground, it passes through one additional heat exchanger preheating the hot water tank for one side of the home. Because the geothermal system needs no outside compressors, the home HVAC design allows full enjoyment of the country peace and quiet.

 The second HVAC system is a high efficiency system (2-zones) consisting of a duel fuel (electric and propane) system by Carrier.